10 great new features in Odoo 12
The update to Odoo arrived in autumn last year in the form of version 12. In today’s post, we look at 10 fantastic new features you can now take advantage of…
12 March, 2019 by
10 great new features in Odoo 12
Smart Information Technologies Limited, Barry Bullen

There is always room for improvement.

So, when the (already pretty great) Odoo released version 12 in October last year, we knew there would be some fantastic new features to make your experience even better.  

Here are the 10 upgrades we think are totally worth your time:

1. A new Document Management System (DMS)

Most Odoo partners seem to agree that this is one of the key new additions to the platform (after it was ‘trialled’ with a basic version in Odoo 8 before disappearing again). The addition of the DMS module makes it far simpler to share documents among your team by attaching them to records, as well as letting you undertake quick actions on scanned documents. (For example, if you scan in a contract, it’s now far easier to send a request for a signature.)  Automatic invoice matching is also a really useful new feature. 

The DMS change will be a big deal for those industries built around document management, such as HR and professional services firms.


2. Updated Odoo Studio

Ever wanted to edit and style reports in Odoo studio? Well now you can! All thanks to the introduction of a simple drag-and-drop feature for data and fields. 

3. New multi-website support

Say goodbye to complicated integration with third-party modules! We’re delighted to see Odoo 12 finally allow users to manage multiple websites on a single database, while also choosing different themes for each, and helping you to capture more user marketing data than ever before. 

This feature has been on the wish list of many Odoo users for a while now, especially when it comes to e-commerce. We think it will be incredibly useful for those digital retail stores selling under different brands or domains. 


4. A new Internet of Things (IoT) module

In our ever-connected world, it can get a little complicated trying to stay on top of all the relevant devices that may or may not need to be integrated (or allowed access) into your processes. This new module is designed to help your business manage all of its IoT devices—making life far simpler.


5. Better leave management

The updates in Odoo 12 mean there is now better management of leave, helping your business avoid mistakes with employee holidays (such as allowing too many people off at once), and offering support of paid-time accrual (holidays, sick leave, etc) in days, half days and hours (as well as allowing for ‘negative accruals’). 

Double validation is also now possible via your manager and someone in HR. While the timesheet generation in a product turnover project is now automated.


6. Improvements to Odoo subscriptions

We’ve got a whole batch of improvements to Odoo subscriptions in the latest update, including:

  • More payment flows

  • Automatic alerts

  • Clean automatic emails

  • Ratings

  • Historical snapshots 

  • Key performance indicators


7.More advanced inventory module view

It might not seem much, but the new, advanced graphical view of all the inventory operations is going to help people find and use inventory information a lot easier than before. 


8. Significant new features in the accounting module

There are some major changes in this module with Odoo 12, making us think it’s now at the stage where it provides a serious alternative to platforms like Sage Accounting and Xero. 

First and foremost there is more quick information available in the progress bar, along with an improved interface and the ability to create bank accounts instantly. But other useful new features include:

  • Being able to import vendor bills from the dashboard directly 

  • Using optical character recognition (OCR)

  • The introduction of a bank reconciliation threshold

  • Customer/vendor receipts allowing you to collect or pay money when defining a specific partner.


9. Improved language accessibility for Arabic

A fantastic improvement to make life easier for clients in the Middle East and Africa. This feature removes the need for third-party modules by synchronising the screen to accommodate the right-to-left reading direction of written Arabic. 


10. New Activity View

Again, not necessarily a major change, but certainly one that we think will please a lot of users. The new Activity View (available on all objects) will allow you to navigate your way much more quickly through emails, calls, meetings and even reminders.

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10 great new features in Odoo 12
Smart Information Technologies Limited, Barry Bullen 12 March, 2019
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