What are the key new features expected in Odoo 16?

How will this version of open-source ERP and CRM improve on the previous instalments? We’ll break down the key enhancements expected in Odoo 16 in this 3-minute read
February 15, 2023 by
Smart Information Technologies Limited, Barry Brian

With Odoo 16 expected in October 2022, what are the new feature milestones we’re expecting to see. How will this iteration of open-source ERP and CRM improve on the previous instalments? We’ll break down the key enhancements expected in Odoo 16 in this 3-minute read.

A recap of Odoo

Odoo is a software that combines tools including CRM, e-commerce, accounting, manufacturing, billing warehouse, project management, and inventory into one business management interface. 

In recent years, Odoo has been ranked in the top 10 Best ERPs in the market for a wide range of companies, from start-ups to large corporations  of 300k + users, due to its agility and affordability. Besides over 30 core modules that cover the whole spectrum of business processes, Odoo offers 30,000+ tailor-made apps developed to suit every company’s evolving needs, making it a very versatile and customisable software.

It is open source and gets regular annual updates to improve its core features. These are usually announced during the Odoo Experience event each year in October. And that is expected to hold true for the Odoo 16 release too.

Key new features expected in Odoo 16

Odoo 16 will focus on performance. The goal is to make it twice as fast as it is today. However, it’s not only performance, which is expected to improve with the new update, there are additional improvements to Accounting, CRM & Marketing, Inventory, Purchase, HR & Sign, MRP, and our shipping connectors.

In a recent presentation Fabien Pickaers, CEO of Odoo said his priorities for the Odoo 16 release are:

1.      Code Clean-up & Performance

2.     Accounting Localisation

3.     User Experience

4.    New Features

In this blog we’ll focus on some particular modules and the interface that we think are worth talking about.

New wiki-based module

Odoo's knowledge module is the most recent addition. The module, like the rest of Odoo, is heavily interconnected and functions more like a Knowledge Centre for employees and administrators to share knowledge. The module is based on Wikipedia. Within the organisation, you can write and share articles in the Knowledge module that are generally connected to work to ensure effective communication within the organisation.

Consolidating promos

Now coupons and promotions will live in a single interface. This will make it easy to create and administer your various discounts, repeat programmes, and offers. A new eWallet feature has also been added which is configurable from this version as well. This is enhanced by the refunding option which will now be available in Payments within the Odoo interface.

Smarter inventory

Enjoy upgraded shipping methods and force backorder features to get more from your inventory management. Batch out your internal transfers and see the replenishment visibility days all in one place with the new upgrade. New improvements to order tracking are also expected including fixes to the Create Backorder options.

Accounting improvements

With Odoo 16 you’ll be able manage customer Credit limits more efficiently, create digital invoices, operate in a new reconciliation widget for faster processing in a user-friendly way and access the currency exchange split on the invoice itself. The accounting module in Odoo is much faster and more efficient with the support of the new features and tools that can come in handy in real-world business scenarios.

Web builder boost

With Odoo 16, better modify and control your website building elements. Now, front and backends are merged to give you one interface to build from. And you won’t need to reload anymore to make your changes. This will allow you to build faster and more precisely. This is in addition to new website grouping and filtering options.

These are the main improvements, but as with any build, features can be added and removed all the way up until the day of release. If you’d like to see what Odoo 16 could do for your organisation, talk to our scoping team today.

Smart Information Technologies Limited, Barry Brian February 15, 2023
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