What makes Odoo 16 so compelling?

While not an exhaustive list, today we’re looking at what makes Odoo 16 so compelling. These open-source business apps have gotten a major facelift and now work even better than ever. Could some of these improvements positively impact productivity at your operation? Let’s explore.
June 20, 2023 by
What makes Odoo 16 so compelling?
Jonny Edge

Boost to HR

With Odoo 16, now you can track and sort applicants better, manage busy periods with ‘stress days’ and monitor employee profiles more efficiently with the ‘Reports and Stats’ view. There are also improvements to signing workflows and approval processes too that your HR teams will appreciate. Now, Odoo 16 provides a better view of the whole employee lifecycle.

Better communication & knowledge sharing

With the Chatter app and built-in knowledge app, it’s now easier than ever to coordinate, share externally and troubleshoot in near real-time. Like an information-sharing hub, the Integrated knowledge application allows professionals across the globe to contribute valuable data which will benefit everyone. Employees can include business procedures, versions and modifications, instructions for administrative informational articles, and much more to the application. This means teams can better self-serve and there is less waiting time for information.

Improved accounting module

Amongst the suite of improvements includes digitised invoicing, credit limit warnings, better audit reports and integrated refunds & cancellations. It’s also easier to use overall and calculates critical elements like VAT better than before. Odoo has achieved this, namely with a better UX and new widgets to help with reconciliation.

Website updates simplified

Now, your teams can make improvements to the website without needing to know any code. The front and back end has been combined into one simple interface that requires no dev time to configure. There’s also an improved chatbot to help field incoming enquiries and offer answers without requiring an associate to help. The result is a more robust website that’s easier to configure and offers more utility to customers.

Better marketing & promotions

For Odoo 16, the whole marketing and CRM function has been improved but the most significant change is the addition of discounts, promotions, and coupons. These work for sales, online and POS orders allowing for loyalty points and gift cards as well. Lastly, there’s also an e-wallet function opening new payment options. These features will help you drive conversions and turn stock over faster than before.

Enhanced MRP

A range of improvements has been made to the manufacturing module. These include automatic consumption, allocation reports with child/parent relationships auto assigned, an overview of lead times with anticipated stock and, lastly, repair orders for returns. Your integration partner can help you make the most of these new options.

Simplified inventories

Last but certainly not least, Odoo 16 benefits from a vastly improved inventory module. Use inventory better with forced back ordering, upgraded delivery methods and enhanced replenishment management options. Plus, barcodes are better, and the data matrix code now can print everything you’d need to know about the product from weight to the serial number.


Ready to harness Odoo 16’s amazing improvements for your organisation? Talk to our team of implementation experts today.


What makes Odoo 16 so compelling?
Jonny Edge June 20, 2023
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