Gartner® Analyst Report: Deliver Finance First to Transform ERP With Purpose

Report Key Findings

According to Gartner: "In the absence of a strong foundational application core, businesses struggle to prioritize which business capabilities to modernize, resulting in frustration because they cannot make value-based decisions grounded in accurate real-time data.

"Differing (and sometimes conflicting) stakeholder objectives and priorities make it challenging to collaboratively reach agreement on the priority of capabilities.

"Given that monolithic ERP implementations are no longer justifiable, CIOs struggle to incrementally modernize capabilities with a business-driven approach to optimize value."

Report Recommendations

According to Gartner: "Deliver faster and more accurate business performance insights by taking a finance first approach to ERP transformation. Harmonize the enterprise financial ERP data essential to measuring how the business is running.

"Improve impact and buy-in by giving a diverse set of stakeholders the ability to rally around core business measurements that are then used to influence which future capabilities are selected to create greater business value.

"Continue the sequence of composing ERP capabilities to modernize over time. Pursue incremental enhancement opportunities that deliver the highest value to the enterprise, defined by the results of continuous business performance measurement."

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Gartner,Deliver Finance First to Transform ERP With Purpose,Dixie John, John Van Decker, 6 July 2022, Published 27 January 2021

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